Shirt for Every Season Outerwear isn’t the only thing that gets all the attention this time of year. If you’re smart, you’ve given your go-to chambray shirt a long overdue upgrade to make it your Spring/Summer staple because lets face it…it’s not going anywhere. I personally have two favorite brands for a good chambray shirt. My first recommendation is the classic Levi’s Chambray Shirt, it comes in three washes and can be paired with just about anything.

My second top pick would have to be the more graphic version from Fidelity Denim . The pocket design of this shirt is what caught my eye (reminds me of some sort of moth or butterfly) but also has a very soft feminine quality to it. I think you’ll agree that the shirt looks pretty darn good with these new boyfriend jeans from Wrangler .

Wrangler Boyfriend Jeans | Fidelity Denim Chambray Shirt

Tammy’s Picks: Levi’s Chambray Shirt | Fidelity Denim Chambray Shirt

Where to get it: Any of the two chambrays listed above will do, but if you’re looking for something even more on the affordable side I suggest TJ Maxx. They always have a great selection on “as is” items that are drastically reduced in price. Good luck!

What is chambray and where did it come from

” The word chambray is a corruption of Cambrai, a city in northern France. It was originally an item of clothing made in that area for at least two centuries before the name came into use. It evolved from the same shirt as the banyan or sarouel, originating in 15th century India, based on the loose Indian clothing called the ‘chadrai’. This original garment was cut like a chemise, made of two layers of blue homespun cotton cloth with their loose threads contrasting on both sides. It became known as dungaree , which is now used mainly for sturdy working clothes.”

How to wear a chambray shirt for any occasion

“Chambray shirts are casual, comfy and versatile. Try wearing one with a pair of chinos or jeans with your favorite shoes.”

Breakdown of different colors available

“While most colors can be worn year round, I typically reach for the lighter hues in the Spring and Summer months. They look great paired with white , grey and light blue jeans. On the flip side, try pairing your darker chambrays with black denim for a chic contrast.”

How to style it up or down depending on where you go/what you do

“For causal lunch dates with friends, pair yours with boyfriend jeans (knee ripped preferred) and sandals. For a fun dinner out with friends or a casual date, dress up your chambray by layering it over a printed t-shirt and finishing the look off with some high top sneakers.”

How to style it for work/office/business meetings

“If you’re headed to the office for business meetings, there are endless ways to pair your shirt. Layer it over a button down shirt or tuck it in with a pencil skirt for an official look.”

How to style it for a formal occasion

“For any formal affair, pair your chambray with a sleek blazer or dress it down with some boyfriend jeans.”The best way to match different washes/fits of chambrays together “If you have two similar washes, I would say go for the one


Thanks for reading, until next time! If you own a chambray shirt, go ahead and give it an upgrade. This classic piece every girl should have in her closet is great for just about any occasion. Adding some color to your wardrobe is never a bad thing – it mixes things up while still maintaining that casual look you’re always going for.


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